Testing Services


Counseling Services administers a variety of computer-based and traditional paper-pencil format standardized exams to JSU students and the community at-large. Testing services are offered at convenient times in a quiet and comfortable environment. For detailed information about each specific test, please click on the items listed on this page.

Beginning May 1, 2017, exams will need to be scheduled in advance. Our office will do our best to accommodate your requested time.  Appointments can be made Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.  The lab will close at 4:30 p.m.
Call (256) 782-5475 or come by our office at 140 Daugette Hall, 434 Trustee Circle. Appointment times for scheduled test must be made to meet the testing labs 4:30pm closing time.

HOODED SHIRTS/POCKETS, WATCHES, BALL CAPS, ELECTRONIC DEVICES are Not allowed in the testing room. You will be asked to remove these items.  

What is the cancellation policy?
Information regarding tests cancellations.
What are the parking regulations for examinees?
JSU's visitor's parking policies and procedures apply to all examinations unless otherwise noted on the test information page.  Parking permits may be obtained through University Police.  Please review the parking locations or get directions to the testing site by clicking on the JSU Campus Map.

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Graduation Requirements

( EPP ) ETS Proficiency Profile Assessment

Students who are completing their graduation requirements this semester may now take the EPP using an online, non-proctored version at a time that is most convenient for them.  Please check with your Certification Advisor for email instructions.

If you are unable to take the test online, please contact JSU Testing Services at npenny@jsu.edu or (256) 782 5475 for an appointment in the JSU Testing Center. 

Other Tests Administered

  • MAT - Miller Analogies Test - An ability test that requires examinees to solve word analogy problems. Several JSU graduate programs require the MAT as part of the admission process. (Computer-base test). $90.00 to be paid at time of testing. 
  • CLEP - College Level Examination Program - Provides tests that allow students to earn college credit by taking exams instead of taking the classes if students score high enough. (Computer-based test). $20.00 for JSU students, $30.00 for non-JSU students, to be paid at time of testing. CLEP is now offering a free online program which offers a free course, sample exams and a voucher to cover the cost of the CLEP exam when ready. Register online through clep.org/practice.
    Check with the Registrar's Office before registering to make sure CLEP will go toward your requirements.

  • Residual ACT - Provides prospective students with an ACT score that will be used only by JSU for admission to our university. It is not transferrable to any other institution.  Test questions will measure knowledge in English, mathematics, reading, and science. (Paper test).  $60.00 to be paid at time of registration, either by phone or in person and must be paid before the test date, to reserve a seat. 
  • National ACT- National American College Test-The ACT score can be used for admission to any university. Testing dates, payment and registration on www.act.org

  • Proctored Exam - Proctoring services for JSU, other universities colleges and entities that utilize distance learning.
    There is a $30.00 charge for non-JSU exams, paid at time of testing. No charge for JSU exams. Instructors located near JSU are expected to administer exams to local JSU students. (Computer-based and paper tests). Questions and instructions can be emailed to npenny@jsu.edu .
    If proctoring for more than one exam, the cost will be $20.00 per exam. 

  • AECTP (formerly APTTP) - Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program - Has been replaced by Praxis. JSU does not administer. 
  • ALSPT - Alabama State Personnel Department - Statewide written examinations for various jobs posted by the State of Alabama Personnel Department. (paper test)
  • EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards - The comprehensive multiple choice test evaluates the interpreter’s understanding of information that is critical to performing with students in an education setting. (Computer-based test) There is a $35.00 charge, payable the day of the exam. You must register online through
  • Makeup and Proctored Exams- As of 5/1/2017, these exams must be by appointment only. Walk ins are not permitted. 
  • ACT WORKKEYS - Required by Alabama Law Enforcement Agencies, school employers as well as other employers. Workkeys is available in 3 parts or 4 parts.  Please check with your potential employer as to which they require. Cost is $65.00 for 3 tests and $80.00 for 4 tests.  Call to schedule an appointment. 

  • PROVEXAM - Alabama Certification for Electricians, Plumbers, Heating and Cooling, just to name a few. Register and make payments through ProvExam. 

Tests Required by School of Education