Peer Educators

Jacksonville State University Peer Educators is the local chapter of an international organization known as The Bacchus Network. These students have taken the initiative to offer leadership to their peers on certain issues. Their number one goal is to create a more positive, healthy campus environment.

As an affiliate of The Bacchus Network, the JSU Peer Educators focus on events and activities that meet the specific needs of the JSU campus. They coordinate and publicize events for National Alcohol Awareness Week, Sexual Responsibility Week, and Safe Spring Break programs. The programs and goals of the JSU Peer Educators are:
  • Attack myths about college drinking that portray excessive use and drunkenness as a norm.
  • Conduct alcohol-free social events in conjunction with educational messages.
  • Use the power of peer-to-peer influence as part of the educational process.
  • Significantly influence student drinking as it relates to impaired driving prevention.
  • Recognize the link between alcohol abuse and other related health issues such as HIV/AIDS, depression, etc. and support a comprehensive peer approach to prevention.
  • Support state laws and campus policies and that reduce overall risk to the university and individual students' well-being.
  • Engage students in being a part of the catalyst to develop a healthy campus environment.

    Adapted from "Your College & University Guide to Involvement in an International Peer Education Initiative"

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