Collegiate Recovery Community


Rolling Admission Deadlines for Applying:

  • Applications for Fall Semester are due August.
  • Applications for Summer Semester are due April.
  • Applications for Spring Semester are due December.
  • Contact us at (256) 782-5475 for more questions or more information.


  • Acceptance to Jacksonville State University.
  • Minimum of Six Months of Complete Abstinence from Alcohol and other Drugs.
  • Clinical Interview with CRC Admission Staff.
  • Students may be eligible for CRC Scholarships after one semester of participation and meeting other program requirements.
  • Commitment to CRC program requirements:
    • Attend weekly seminars.
    • Attend weekly recovery meetings.
    • Attend “Birthday Night” meetings.
    • Sign up for academic advisement each semester.
    • Maintain required GPA.
    • Active participation in Twelve-Step Recovery (or equivalent) Program.
    • Commitment to Community Service.

If you are willing and able to meet the requirements for the CRC program, please complete the Application for Admission to the Collegiate Recovery Community at Jacksonville State University found below. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at (256) 782-5475 or by email at

All inquiries are confidential in accordance with University policies.


  • Currently applying to or currently enrolled at Jacksonville State University.
  • Completed Collegiate Recovery Community application.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation for verification of recovery (Refer to attached recommendation forms).
  • Biographical Statement: Personal recovery story in your own words (2-3 pages).
  • Clinical interview with CRC staff.

Application for Admission to the Collegiate Recovery Community