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Management and Marketing

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Mr. Jeffrey A. Parker

  Office Number: Merrill Building 111
Office Phone: 256-782-5398
Email Address:

Jeffrey A. Parker Scholarship Form 2012

Jeffrey A. Parker Scholarship Recipients Fall 2011:

Maria Jose Deleon - $1,000     

Corey Brindle - $1,000

Office Hours:

Immediately after each class for as long as necessary.  Additional times available by appointment Please call me or email me at anytime between 8:00am 9:30pm

Class Information:

BA 587: Business Policy
W 18:15-21:15

This course will emphasize the practical implementation of business policy and strategy.  This class will be highly interactive with all individuals participating and providing meaningful contribution, every class session.  Current business strategy and execution will be discussed and evaluated through the text, class discussion, and your company case analysis.

Class Files:

CBA 469: Business Policy
M, 18:15-21:15

This is a highly interactive course addressing the formulation, implementation and execution of business strategy and policy.  Concepts, as well as an understanding of their relevant application in the real world, are utilized in every class meeting.  This is the capstone business class, therefore, as in business, the student must draw upon all functions (i.e. Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc.) to properly analyze the situation presented in this course.  Company presentations will reinforce the overall concepts and provide insight into real world expectations regarding performance.

Class Files:

MKT 361-01: Sales
W, 18:15 - 21:15

A study of the personal selling process with a sales management prospective. This is a highly interactive class that requires reading and participation by all students during every class session. A one-on-one sales presentation to a buyer (instructor) in front of the class encompasses the skills learned during the semester.

Class Files:

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