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Sale of Instructional Materials

Professional activity may generate pecuniary gain to an individual or a group of individuals. For example, the publication of a text might well produce royalties that will accrue to the author(s). Except where prohibited by law or University policy, pecuniary gain arising out of professional activity and/or preparation remain the property of the individual faculty or staff member.

Royalties and/or any financial gain from a faculty/staff member's own text or materials (lab manuals, study guides, instructional kits, etc.) used by the department or units of the College of Arts and Sciences and sold to JSU students as materials required for instruction must be donated to a departmental fund. Any financial gain from materials produced with departmental resources must be returned to the departmental budget; however, if such materials are funded through an agency account or non-University resources, the financial gain may be placed in a departmental agency account or deposited in a departmental account. Under no circumstance will a faculty member or staff member receive any financial gain from the sale of instructional materials to JSU students. Royalties generated from the sale of these materials at other institutions or venues belong to the author(s).

Failure to comply with the legal and ethical standards of this policy will subject the individual(s) to a range of appropriate discipline from oral/written reprimand to dismissal.

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