Mission and Goals
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     The College of Arts and Sciences offers courses in humanities, arts, and sciences to support the University's general studies curriculum and educational programs, as well as traditional liberal arts, professional, and graduate programs of study leading to baccalaureate degrees, master's degrees, and the University's first doctoral degree in Emergency Management. The College gives highest priority to the quality of teaching delivered by its diverse and highly qualified faculty, while recognizing and promoting scholarly efforts, creative endeavors, and service, internal and external to Jacksonville State University. Using available resources, the College strives continuously for academic excellence, while keeping in mind the needs of its students.

     The College of Arts and Sciences, one of five colleges of the University, is led by its Dean, who reports to the Provost and Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs.


  1. To strengthen undergraduate liberal, professional, and artistic studies.
  2. To support instructional, research, creative, and service activities.
  3. To provide additional facilities, equipment, and maintenance to meet the needs of the College of Arts and Sciences.


Benchmarks for Success

     All new Arts and Sciences majors must meet the Benchmarks-for-Success standard.  A new student entering the University in Arts and Sciences is defined as a freshman, transfer student, or a change of major from another College to Arts and Sciences.

     Prior to admission to a degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences and prior to enrollment in any upper-level (300+) coursework beyond 80 semester hours, the student must meet the following criteria:

  1. A minimum overall 2.0 GPA for the first 80 semester hours must be achieved;
  2. English 101 and 102, or official transfer equivalents, must be successfully completed by 80 semester hours;
  3. The English Competency Exam (ECE) must be attempted by 80 semester hours; failure to complete successfully the ECE by 96 semester hours voids the student's admission into the College, and no further upper-level coursework may be taken for credit towards an Arts and Sciences program; and
  4. All math requirements for the degree program must be successfully completed by 80 semester hours.

     Upon completion of the benchmarks by 80 semester hours, and following department review and approval, students will be provisionally accepted to enter a degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Full admission to the degree program is contingent upon completion of all requirements.

     Transfer students entering with 80 or more hours who have not completed the required benchmark coursework must enroll in these courses in the first semester of study at Jacksonville State University and subsequently until all benchmark deficiencies are removed.  Additionally, transfer students with 80 or more hours must register for and take the English Competency Exam in the first semester of eligibility.