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Faculty Council Charter

   A. The Faculty Council of the College of Arts and Sciences was created
       to advise the Dean of faculty concerns. The Council will consider
       the concerns, notify the Dean of them, and recommend how they
       might be addressed.
   B. The Dean of the College (as an ex-officio member of the Council)
       shall receive minutes of all meetings. All Council communications
       must be sent through the Dean. The Dean shall attend Council
       meetings as appropriate, and the chair shall meet with the Dean on
       a regular basis.
   C. The Council, through its faculty representatives, will keep the
       faculty informed of the time and place of meetings and of the
       agenda, and encourage them to use the Council as another
       means of communicating with the administration.
   D. The Council will function as a Curriculum Committee and a
       Committee on Grants and Awards, and will appoint special
       committees as directed in VII-C below.
     A. Voting Eligibility

         All full-time faculty within each department of the College
         of Arts and Sciences are eligible to vote for their representatives
         to the Faculty Council.

     B. Membership Eligibility
          Each department with fewer than twenty faculty will have one
          representative on the Faculty Council to be chosen from the
          full-time faculty, excluding the Department Head. Departments
          with twenty or more faculty will have two representatives. The Dean
          of the College of Arts and Sciences shall be an ex-officio member
          of the Faculty Council.
      A. Election Procedures
           Specific procedures for election of representatives to the Faculty
           Council will be determined by the individual departments.
      B. Time of Elections
           Each department will be notified by the Office of the Dean to hold
           its election during the third week prior to the starting date of final
           exams each spring semester. Each newly constituted Faculty
           Council shall assume authority at the end of the examination
           period in the spring semester.
      C. Appeals
           Appeals of the result of an election may be made by anyone
           eligible to vote. Such appeal must be made in writing within
           two weeks of the election and directed to the Faculty Council.
           The Council shall make a judgment as to the validity of the
           complaint and make its recommendation to the Dean of the
      D. Vacancy
           If an elected member of the Faculty Council cannot serve a full
           term, the department concerned will conduct an election among
           its members to fill the unexpired term.
      E. Absences
           If a member is absent more than two times during an academic
           year, the Council will recommend to the relevant department
           that the position be declared vacant and a new member
      A. One-half of the members of the Faculty Council will be elected
          each year for two-year terms.
      B. Resignation
          The resignation of a Faculty Council member shall be made in
          writing and sent to both the Chair of the Council and to the
          relevant department.
      C. Alternates
          In the event that any elected representative to the Council
          cannot attend a meeting, that representative must choose
          another eligible faculty member from the same department
          to attend the meeting as an alternate. Said alternate shall
          have the same rights and privileges as the elected
          representative for that meeting. If an alternate cannot
          attend, an absentee vote will be acceptable.
     A. The Chair of the Faculty Council shall be elected for a one-year
          term by the members of the Council at the first scheduled
          meeting of the Council. The Dean shall call the first meeting
          and preside until a Chair is elected.
     B. The Chair is responsible for communicating to the Dean all
          matters of faculty concern discussed by the Council.
     C. The Council may choose other officers as it deems necessary.
      A. Scheduled Meetings
           At least two regular meetings will be held at announced dates
           during the academic year.
      B. Other Meetings
           Meetings outside those regularly scheduled may be called by
           (1) the Dean of the College or (2) the Chair of the Faculty Council
           or (3) a majority of the members of the Faculty Council.
      C. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority--including the Chair.
       A. The Council shall have the following:
           Standing Committees:
  • Curriculum
  • Grants and Awards
  • Merit Pay / Personnel
           Special Committees
  • (To be determined annually)
       B. Committee Composition
           All committee members will be appointed by the Chair from the
           membership of the Council as a whole and approved by the
           Council as a whole.
  • The Chair of each committee shall be elected from the membership of the committee.
  • Each council member shall serve on at least one Standing Committee. No Council member shall serve on more than two Standing Committees during one academic year. Standing Committees shall be composed of at least five members.
       C. Role and Scope of the Standing Committees
           1. Curriculum Committee
  • The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to review all CAS curricular proposals for compliance with CAS and University criteria (as stated in the Guidelines for their submission.)
  • The Committee will request the Department Head (or representative) of the Department whose proposals are being considered to be available during the Committee hearing.
  • The Committee will make its recommendations to the Faculty Council while concurrently reporting recommendations to the Department Head. The Faculty Council will vote on the Curriculum Committee's recommendation at its next meeting, and the Faculty Council's report will be sent to the Dean. A thorough justification of any negative recommendation at the Committee and Council level should be presented to the Dean.
           2. Grants and Awards Committee
  • The Grants and Awards Committee will seek nominations and/or applications from all full-time CAS faculty for the annual CAS awards for
            a. Teaching, Research, and Service
            b. Faculty Development
            c. Faculty Travel
  • After review of said nominations/applications and selection of the recipients, the Committee will report its recommendations to the Council as a whole. The Council shall vote and make final recommendations to the Dean.
           3. Personnel/Merit Pay
  • The primary function of this committee will be to review, along with the three Department Heads who will be selected by the Dean, the applications for college-wide Merit Pay. The committee will then recommend to the Dean recipients and levels of merit pay. This committee will work within the parameters of the guidelines for Merit Pay established within the College and will follow the procedures in place for determining merit.
           4. Special Committees
  • The need for Special Committees of the Faculty Council will be determined by the Faculty Council. Members of such committees will be appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Council. Membership of Special Committees will not exceed five. At the discretion of the Faculty Council, membership may include a maximum of two, non-Council members to be selected from the full-time CAS faculty. No Special Committee shall exist beyond one year, unless reconstituted by the Faculty Council.

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