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Mission Statement

The mission of The Office of the Director of Academic Services is to support the College of Arts and Sciences as it aims to strive for continued academic excellence.  The Director's Office accomplishes this mission by serving in an advisory capacity in matters of assessment and strategic initiatives for the College with an outlook not only to accommodate accreditation needs but also to forward the pursuit of academic excellence.  These issues include, but are not limited to, program assessment, college wide strategic initiatives and program development.  The Director's Office undertakes other assignments as needed.


  1. The Director's Office will serve as an advisor to Department Chairs and their Assessment liaison(s) to help organize and present assessment data in a manner consistent with the directives of the Institution. The Director's Office will provide verbal instruction, appropriate reporting models, individual and group instruction to the College of Arts and Sciences in all issues relevant to assessment and strategic program planning.
  2. The Director's Office will strive to keep the Dean and all necessary parties within the College apprised of current external developments relevant to assessment and strategic initiatives, including but not limited to, academic trends, technologies, and policy. The Director will also aim to anticipate how these developments will have an impact on the programs within the College.
  3. The Director's Office will advise, support, and manage programs within the College as directed by the Dean.


  1. The Director will meet on a regular basis with Department Heads and/or their Assessment liaison(s) to discuss and monitor progress in assessment and strategic initiatives in regard to procedures, policies, and reporting for their respective programs.
    • The Director and the Director's staff will establish the College Academic Services Assessment.
    • The Director and the Director's staff will oversee the physical Faculty Resource Center for Assessment, making it available and useful for College Faculty and Staff.
    • The Director's Office is responsible for ordering benchmarking tests for the College, including the Major Field Test.
  2. The Director will stay current in matters of assessment and strategic initiatives by maintaining close scrutiny, through professional organizations, interoffice connections, and all areas of personal research.
    • The Director will stay current in the professional field of assessment and strategic planning by attending conferences, workshops, and seminars.
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