Dr. Ben Boozer


Dr. Boozer is a native of Jacksonville, Alabama and a graduate of Jacksonville State University and Auburn University.  He has been employed at JSU since February 1999.

Courses Currently or Recently Offered


FIN 515. Financial Management (3).  (MBA) Study of financial decision concepts for maximizing value of the firm involving the financing, investment, and dividend decisions. 

FIN 475. Advanced Topics in Finance (3). Prerequisite: FIN 441. Application of financial management techniques to capital structure policy, dividend policy, financing decisions, working capital management and corporate restructuring

FIN 441. Financial Management (3). Prerequisite: FIN 301. A study of financial decision making. Profit planning, financing strategies, financial analysis and ethical ques­tions are emphasized.

FIN 311.  Personal Financial Planning (3). Personal financial planning including time buy­ing, insurance, housing, investments, budgeting, use of financial institutions, and taxes.

FIN 301.  Business Finance (3). Prerequisite: Junior Standing. A survey of business finance. Coverage of the basic financial decisions including investment, financing, and dividend.


EC 303.  Money and Banking (3). Prerequisites: EC 221, 222. Topics in monetary policy, theory, monetary standards, the commercial banking system, and the federal re­serve system are considered in detail.

EC 222.  Principles of Macroeconomics (3). Prerequisite: MS 100 or higher level math course. A macroeconomic approach, including money and banking, national income ac­counting monetary and fiscal policy, and international economics.

University and Departmental Service

Faculty Senate

    - Emeriti Faculty Committee

    - Faculty Honors Committee

Faculty Advisor Financial Management Association

Faculty Research Committee

ENACTUS (formerly Students in Free Enterprise, SIFE) - Business Advisory Board

Service Committee

Assurance of Learning Committee (Graduate School)

Distance Learning Committee

CCBA Business Test Proctor

Preview Day

Community Service

Revolving Loan Fund Committee - East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (2001 - present)

Anniston Lions Club (member since 1998 and past president)

Member Bonny Brook Baptist Church (Jacksonville, AL) - teach adult men's Sunday School and member of choir

Selected Research and Publications

Personal Financial Decisions: A Study of Changes in Homestead Exemption Levels and Consumer Bankruptcy Choices (2014).  Institute for Business and Finance Research, 8(4), pp. 17-26.  

Using Net Present Value Methodology in Analyzing Benefits and Costs of Rural Highway Corridor Improvements (2013).  Regional Business Review,32(May 2013), pp. 49-65.  

Consumer Choice and Bankruptcy: An Interrupted Time Series Approach to Changes in Filing Rate (2013).  Journal of International Finance Studies

An Analysis of Internal Revenue Code Section 529 College Savings Plans: Do They Remain a Viable Investment Option?  International Journal of Business Research11(6),2011, pp. 117-125.  Co-author: S. Keith Lowe.

Depository Institution Solvency: The Impact of Diversification and Risk in Commercial Banking Failures.  Journal of Business Management and Entrepreneurship2(1), 2011, pp. 1-21.

Stages of Health Policy Formulation: A Study of Medical Care Access that Transcends Economic Cause and Effect, Journal of Healthcare Leadership, Management, and Research1(12), 2010, pp. 1-18.

Testing the Continuance of Efficiency Application: An Interrupted Time Series Approach, International Journal of Business and Economics Perspectives5(1), 2010, pp. 155-165.

Economic Efficiency: Extending Legislative Ideology Through Benefits and Costs, Journal of Public Service eLearning1(8), 2010, pp. 1-24. Co-author: Robert Landry

Entrepreneurial Conditions in American States: Exploring New Business Development, Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, 2010 (2), 2010. Co-author: S. Keith Lowe.

The Role of Financial Statement Variables: A Model of Equity Pricing, International Journal of Business, Accounting, and Finance3(2), 2009. pp. 135-145. Co-author: S. Keith Lowe  

Analyzing Bilateral Currency Exchange Rates in Predicting Economic Output (with S. Keith Lowe), Journal of International Business Research,7(2), 2008, pp. 1-12.

International Trade and Gross Domestic Product (GDP): A Study of Currency Exchange Rates (with S. Keith Lowe), Proceedings of Allied Academies Internet Conference,IXSummer 2007.

Why Health Costs Spiral: The Case of Emergency Department Regulation with Christopher Westley, Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, 32(1), Spring/Summer, 2006.

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