Accounting (ACC) Course Descriptions

200. Principles of Financial Accounting (3). Prerequisite: MS 100 or higher level math course. An introduction to financial accounting fundamentals with an emphasis on the accounting cycle, along with financial reporting and interpretation of the basic financial statements.

210. Principles of Managerial Accounting (3). Prerequisites: MS 112, ACC 200. An introduction to the use of accounting information for planning, decision-making, product costing, and performance evaluation.

Courses listed below require, in addition to stated prerequisites, ACC 200, 210, EC 221, 222, MS 112, and ST 260, 261.

Finance 300 - Business Law (3). May be counted as course in the Department of Accounting. For course description, see Finance 300.

301. Accounting Information Systems (3). Prerequisites: CS 201 and ACC 210. Basic information system concepts including the transaction processing cycles of a business, the fundamental characteristics of a system of internal controls, the role of information technology in information processing, and the stages of systems development.

310. Financial Accounting I (3). Prerequisite: ACC 210. An introduction to accounting standards, an overview of accounting statements, and detailed study of asset and liability accounting. (Formerly ACC 393). A minimum grade of "C" in ACC 310 is required as a prerequisite for ACC 360, 410, 477, 478, 489, 490, and 497.

360. Financial Accounting II (3). Prerequisite: ACC 310 with minimum grade of "C." A detailed study of financial accounting topics including liabilities (bonds, pensions, deferred taxes, leases), stockholder's equity, earnings per share, accounting changes and errors, and the statement of cash flows. The course focuses on understanding accounting theory and applying the theory in solving problems.

371. Cost Accounting (3). Prerequisite: ACC 210. An introduction to cost accounting through a study of job-order costing, process costing, activity-based costing, standard costing, and variable costing. Emphasis on master, flexible and pro forma budgets with variance analysis.

372. Income Tax Accounting (3). Prerequisite: ACC 210. Federal income tax laws as they apply to individuals. Training in the interpretation of regulations and the preparation of a comprehensive federal income tax return. Tax research is also required with a focus on tax planning. Limited coverage is provided of the history of the tax laws as well as additional types of taxes paid by U.S. citizens.

398. Governmental Accounting (3). Prerequisite: ACC 210, 310 with minimum grade of "C." Accounting procedures for all governmental units, and non-profit service organizations. Analysis of fund accounting and procedures to prepare government-wide entity statements.

401. Advanced Accounting Information Systems (3). Prerequisite: ACC 301 with minimum grade of "C." A continuation of the transaction cycles of a business with emphasis placed on flowcharting, context diagrams, and data flow diagrams. Risk assessment of inadequate internal controls in an Electronic Data Processing environment.

410. Financial Accounting III (3). Prerequisite: ACC 310 with minimum grade of "C." A detailed study of business expansion including combinations and international operations, and an overview of partnership accounting.

476. Advanced Income Tax Accounting (3). Prerequisite: ACC 372 with minimum grade of "C." Advanced federal income tax topics including property transactions and international taxation issues. The course also focuses on the taxation of corporation, S corporations, and partnerships. Limited coverage is provided on the taxation of trusts and estates as well as the alternative minimum tax. Understanding the implementation of the current regulations as well as tax planning strategies are discussed.

477. Auditing (3). Prerequisites: ACC 301, 310, and 360 (minimum grade of "C" required for all prerequisites). An overview of the theory and process of performing external audits and other attestation services. Courses coverage includes a study of professional standards, the independence of the external auditor, ethical issues, legal liability, internal controls, statistical sampling, auditing with computers, and the internal audit process.

478. Accounting Theory (3). Prerequisites: ACC 360 and 410 (minimum grade of "C" required for all prerequisites). The function of accounting in society including the conceptual framework of accounting and its application to current financial reporting requirements.

489. Accounting Internship (3). Prerequisites: Senior status and consent of the instructor and the Accounting Department Head. Provides the accounting major with practical experience in the field via an internship arrangement. (PASS/FAIL grade only).

490. Advanced Auditing (3). Prerequisites: Senior standing and ACC 477 with a minimum grade of "C." The practical application of auditing concepts and standards. An understanding of auditing principles is reinforced and explained by exposure to problems and cases.

497. Seminar in Accounting (3). Prerequisite: Senior accounting majors only. Examines critical accounting topics through intensive review of current literature and pronouncements. Assesses student's ability to effectively communicate accounting information.

498. Independent Research in Accounting (3). Prerequisite: Permission of department head. Research will be conducted on an area of special interest documented by a thesis-styled research paper. Scheduled on demand.

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