School of Business & Industry Career Development Center

Opening Soon - Your Very Own SBI Career Development Center.

The School of Business & Industry is in the process of creating our very own Career Development Center (CDC). This is a separate entity from JSU's Career Services, and it will focus solely on helping you, our Applied Engineering, Business, and Communication students! 
We want to thank our partner, Progress Bank for sponsoring Handshake for our Career Development Center. Currently, we are in the process of hiring a director for our SBI CDC; however, once this final step of formation is complete, you will then be able to visit this one-stop-shop for all things Handshake, as well as targeted SBI career fairs, internships, part-time employment, and full-time employment opportunities. This office will also host a variety of workshops and seminars focused on helping you prepare for life after college, so be sure to pay close attention to all future announcements. 
Stay tuned for further updates!

Handshake is the #1 way college students find jobs

  • It focuses on helping you find the jobs that you’re looking for and makes it easy for employers to recruit you.
  • It partners with schools and employers—bringing their best opportunities to campus and onto the platform just for you.
  • The top employers—including all the Fortune 500—recruit students through Handshake, giving you access to jobs and internships not available anywhere else.
  • Create your Handshake profile to see the jobs that are a good fit for you. You can filter and search through job roles based on your interests, and discover new career possibilities.
  • Best of all, recruiters will message you directly with event invites and job opportunities.

  1. Apply where you have the advantage
    Handshake is the only place that connects you, your school, and employers together. You’ll see jobs and internships posted specifically for students, and employers actively recruiting from your school.
  2. Recruiters want to talk to you
    Employers on Handshake message students with event invites, interview requests, and new job opportunities. Last year, recruiters sent more than 16 million messages to students.
  3. No experience required
    The jobs on Handshake are meant for students like you, so you can get the work experience you need.
  4. Find the right job for you
    When you fill out your profile, we’ll show you jobs and internships that match your interests and skills. You may even discover a new career path.
  5. The companies you want to work for
    All of the top employers are recruiting students on Handshake, including the Fortune 500, startups, nonprofits and more.

How to find a job on Handshake

  1. Sign up
    Sign up for your Handshake account at
  2. Make it you
    Fill out your profile with information about you, your interests, your studies, and what you’re looking for in a job. Make sure to add your preferred locations and job roles.
  3. Discover jobs
    Handshake takes the info you share in your profile to show you full-time jobs and internships that align with your interests and that you’d be a good fit for.
  4. Get recruited
    All of the top employers, including 100% of the Fortune 500, tech start-ups, nonprofits, and more are hiring students like you on Handshake. When you create a profile, they’ll be able to find you and message you about the roles you want.
  5. Apply easily
    On Handshake, you can store your resumes and other documents so they’re ready when you need them. You can even apply to jobs in two clicks with Quick Apply.
  6. No more wondering
    Once you apply, we’ll send you updates on your application status. And if you have questions, you can explore our Q&A platform and ask your peers for advice about interviews, job roles, and more.

These 10 small steps will help you kick off your career hunt painlessly and effectively using Handshake.

Having trouble getting started using Handshake? Don’t try to do it all in one day! Instead, kick off your career future with a simple challenge, spread out into small steps over 10 days. That means less than two weeks to full Handshake mastery! 

Day 1: Activate your Handshake profile.

This is the easiest step — sign up for Handshake with your “.edu” email and complete the activation steps.

Day 2: Upload your resume.

Did you know that you can upload your resume and your Handshake profile will auto-pull tons of information? Save yourself the effort of writing information multiple times; upload your resume before adding anything else to your profile! Then you’ll only have to fill in any blanks. 

Day 3: Fill out your job preferences.

That means selecting desired locations where you’d like to work, preferred job roles, and your ideal job type: part-time, full-time, internship, or on-campus. 

Day 4: Add experience to your profile.

Add any volunteering, internships, or work that you’ve already completed to your profile. This allows prospective employers to see your previous (or current) responsibilities. 

Day 5: Follow five interesting employers.

Explore different organizations and companies on Handshake and follow them for updates. Often, recruiters check who is following them — it can help you get on their radar and ensure you get first alerts for new opportunities!

Day 6: Fill out past courses and special skills.

Pull up your academic record and fill out specific courses, skills, and talents that could be relevant to your future career. This will help give prospective employers a better idea of the special stuff you have to offer their organization!

Day 7: Add a headshot.

This isn’t a must for landing a job, but a photo can help put a face to your name — this is particularly useful if you’ve made a connection with a recruiter on campus at a career fair or event. 

Day 8: Message three peers with professional experience you admire.

Use Handshake to build connections by messaging peers. Reach out to alumni from your school, people who have previously held internships you’re interested in, and more.

Day 9: Ask one question about a company, job role, or specific opportunity.

There are so many knowledgeable folks on Handshake — hit them with some of your questions about specific career paths, organizations, or opportunities! 

Day 10: Apply to five jobs that interest you.

This is self explanatory. Now that you’re a Handshake super-user, make sure to apply for jobs and internships! 

There you have it: you’re a Handshake pro. We can’t wait to help you find your next job, internship, or professional opportunity!