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Aquatic Animal Physiology: Growth and nutrient utilization in fishes and crustaceans. The roles and uses of probiotics in fish health.

Aquatic respirometry chambers used to measure whole-animal physiology.

Aquatic Diseases: Photodynamic dye therapy for fish pathogens.

Phloxine B has been shown effective in treating a common fish pathogen known as "Ick."

Fisheries Conservation: Population dynamics of endemic aquatic species. Genetic diversity and propagation studies.

The imperiled Holiday Darter, Etheostoma brevirostrum, in Alabama occurs only in Shoal Creek (Talladega National Forest).


Anthropogenic pollutants: Tissue and physiological responses to mercury exposure.

The endemic Coosa Darter, Etheostoma coosae, may be threatened by atmospheric mercury.

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Research Interests


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