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Department of Biology

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JSU Greenhouse

Greenhouse Photos
Among the many research facilities available in the biology department is the state-of-the-art greenhouse that is utilized for research and teaching purposes. The greenhouse is surrounded by a fenced area that is a botanical garden with many exotic and native species. I have been managing both the greenhouse and the Botanical Garden, and I trying to introduce more species to enhance the plant collection. The botanical garden has been used as an outdoor laboratory for teaching and research purposes.
Some of the plants of the Bible and Quran are housed in the Botanical Garden. Among these plants are figs, pomegranate, grape vine, and olives. All of these plants have been growing with great success. I have been trying to promote the introduction of these plants, especially olive trees, to the area.
Selected exotic plant species such as Texas Star Hibiscus, Mexican Petunia, Chaste Tree, Angel Trumpet, Royal Purple Banana, Oleander and many other species have been grown with great success in the Botanical Garden.
Aquatic plants such as Pitcher plant, Umbrella plant, Manna Grass, Azolla, Duck weed, and Salvinia have been heavily used in many research projects.

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