At JSU we aim to revolutionize the traditional graphic design educational model into one that addresses current social, cultural, and technological issues. The term Visual Communication Design more accurately reflects an evolving multidisciplinary industry where designers use technology, design, and social awareness to solve problems that inform, educate, and elicit responses from end users. Through our engaging and hands-on MFA curriculum, we prepare students for an ever-changing industry by merging theory and practice into a pedagogical model that focuses on formal, technical and conceptual skills through independent and instructor-led learning opportunities.





The MFA in Visual Communication and Design at JSU is a terminal degree that allows students to concentrate in one specific discipline under the umbrella of Visual Communication Design (for example, web design or illustration) OR to complete individually crafted interdisciplinary programs of study also under the umbrella of Visual Communication Design. The course of study integrates both research and studio components and is designed to assist students in developing a professional portfolio by the completion of their degree. The 60 hour MFA program, with a recommended completion time of three years, also prepares graduates to teach at the University level.


Both scholarships and teaching assistant positions are available to qualified applicants.




Everything you need to know about the program and more can be found in the MFA Student Handbook. Download the PDF from the link below.


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