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Applied Engineering

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Undergraduate Programs

Pre-Engineering Program

The two-year Pre-Engineering program offers a curriculum that will permit the majority of students to transfer with junior standing to most undergraduate engineering programs at other colleges and universities. Contact Mr. Terry Marbut, Department Head and advisor for Pre-Engineering students.

Applied Manufacturing Engineering

For students with an interest in automation of industrial manufacturing, robotics, digital networks and communication, and management of computer integrated manufacturing systems. Contact Mr. Terry Marbut, interim coordinator of the Applied Manufacturing Engineering program.

Applied Electronics Engineering

For students with an interest in programmable logic controllers (PLCs), digital logic, computer analysis of major digital logic families, control systems technology, microprocessors, and digital communications. Contact Dr. Noureddine Bekhouche, coordinator of the Applied Electronics Engineering program.

Industrial Leadership

For students with an interest in production and inventory control, motion and time study, employer-employee relations, managing engineering technology, cost analysis, quality improvement, and quality control. Contact Mr. Terry Marbut, coordinator of the Industrial Leadership program.

Occupational Safety and Health Management

For students with an interest in hazard control technology, fire safety, industrial ergonomics, safety management, systems safety, industrial hygiene, and hazardous materials technology. Contact Dr. Jess Godbey, coordinator of the Occupational Safety and Health Management program.

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