Occupational Safety and Health Management

This program is ideal for students with an interest in hazard control technology, fire safety, industrial ergonomics, safety management, systems safety, industrial hygiene, and hazardous materials technology.

Occupational Safety and Health Management graduates find employment opportunities with positions such as:

  • safety and health director
  • safety engineer
  • safety specialist
  • safety manager
  • loss control specialist
  • environmental specialist
  • industrial hygienist
  • ergonomist
  • OSHA compliance officer
  • safety trainer
  • safety inspector
  • safety auditor
  • workers compensation program administrator
  • industrial risk manager

The percentage of students employed within four months of graduation from this program is 100% (5 year average).

For specific information regarding course requirements for this program, please download an Audit Sheet for Occupational Safety & Health Management (2018-2019).

For more information about this program, please contact Chris Marker, Department Head Department Head for the Department of Applied Engineering.