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The College of Graduate Studies provides leadership, support and coordination to attain high quality graduate education at Jacksonville State University. The College of Graduate Studies offers seven different degrees, twenty-four majors at the master's level, the post-master's Educational Specialist degree and five graduate certificates. The college aspires to meet the needs of graduate students through close communication with the four academic colleges concerning the areas of curriculum, graduate faculty, internal and external policies and regulations that govern graduate education, admissions standards, retention of students, and degree completion. The broad scope of graduate programs is underpinned by an effective undergraduate curriculum.

Student Scholarships

The College of Graduate Studies continues to play a major role in financial aid for graduate students through coordination of the Graduate Assistantship Program. The college also recognizes that most students who receive financial aid through federally funded loans continue to grow with the increase in graduate enrollment. These are students who cannot participate in the Assistantship Program due to employment commitments outside the university. The benefits of graduate education are far-reaching and can impact a country, region, state, and local community. These benefits can be translated into a more competitive and competent workforce, research and grant money can be utilized to improve products and industry, a more highly trained workforce can command higher salaries and in turn contribute to societal need, resulting in a positive impact on communities. The Board of Visitors for the College of Graduate Studies can greatly assist by supporting an increase in the number of graduate assistant positions and scholarship money for those students who will incur large amounts of debt through loans.

Dean's Fund for Excellence

This fund could be very beneficial to the College of Graduate Studies. Throughout the year, there are several requests by staff in the college to improve their skills and efficiency by attending in-service education seminars. In addition, there are many graduate students who wish to attend seminars to further their understanding of their major field of study, and in some cases to present research they have conducted at JSU. Often times there is a void in funding received by the university to cover these activities that are critical to enhancing skill sets for both groups of consumers. The Board of Visitors of the College of Graduate Studies can help by identifying financial resources to meet the training and experiential needs of these two groups of people.

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