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Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center
Dean J.E. Wade

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Advancing the Master of Fine Arts in Visual
Communication and Design
Department of Art

The Department of Art at Jacksonville State University is uniquely positioned to further an already outstanding reputation for excellence in graphic design education. The implementation of a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication and Design, the first such degree in Alabama, will enhance JSU's growing reputation for the education of highly qualified and professional graphic artists. The new MFA in Visual Communication and Design will foster a wide range of skills and competencies, including graphic design, illustration, web development, interactive design, exhibition design, and multimedia. This degree will prepare not only students for specialized professional practice, but also the next generation of educators in visual communication and design. Your gift to the Department of Art will assist JSU's development of this exciting new program, creating opportunities for student excellence.

Stone Performing Arts Center Modernization
Department of Drama

From its opening in January 1980, the Stone Performing Arts Center has served the Drama Department well. As time has passed, technology has advanced significantly, making upgrades necessary to continue to offer students a challenging and innovative atmosphere. Technical systems in the Stone Performing Arts Center critically need upgrades to provide a state of the art program for drama majors, with changes in wiring, sound, and lights most urgent. Your gift to enhance and upgrade technology and to expand and renovate theater spaces will promote the vibrant and creative community for which the Stone Performing Arts Center is known.

Artists of Excellence Fund
David L. Walters Department of Music

A $200,000 endowment generates approximately $10,000 annually, to be used to support invited guest artists of national and international renown for short-term residencies during which they teach and mentor JSU Music students, as well as offer performances for both students and community. As Dr. Legare McIntosh, Head, Walters Department of Music affirms, "Young developing musicians are enriched and inspired immeasurably by hearing and working with world-class performing artists. The ability to expose our students to great artists on the JSU campus would provide the highly stimulating learning environment normally available only in major metropolitan urban centers."

"All-Steinway" School
David L. Walters Department of Music

Jacksonville State University will undertake purchase of Steinway pianos to attain status as an "All-Steinway School." The "All-Steinway'" designation for an institution has become a coveted accolade indicating an institution's commitment to the highest quality in music instruction by providing the finest instruments for exemplary music programs. JSU Music aspires to receive the benefits and recognition this designation implies. Your support for this designation would ensure that our music program was of the best quality for our most talented and gifted students.

Excellence in the Biological Sciences
Department of Biology

The Department of Biology at Jacksonville State University, with over four hundred majors and minors and thirteen faculty members, provides a strong academic foundation in the biological sciences, with synergistic interaction of learning in the classroom, in the field, in the laboratory, and from the literature. Science lab support is needed to enhance the department's student/faculty laboratories for Molecular Biology, Environmental Analysis, Physiological Ecology, Image Analysis, and Ecology, as well as the Herbarium and Zoology Museum. Funds are also needed to provide small grants for students to support their research and travel to conferences. Your gift to the Department of Biology will provide funding for the lab and research experiences that lead to continued student excellence.

Excellence in the Physical Sciences
Department of Physical and Earth Sciences

The Department of Physical and Earth Sciences is committed not only to exposing JSU students to research, but also to having students participate in cutting-edge research. Outstanding teaching in science must both communicate existing knowledge and involve students and faculty in creating an investigative, stimulating learning environment with opportunities to explore and discover new frontiers. Such research calls for additional science equipment. A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy Research Center will provide hands-on student learning and understanding of modern chemistry, instrumental methods, and the determination of molecular structures. Used across the discipline of chemistry as well as physics and biology, the NMR spectrometer fosters interdisciplinary research and collaborative work. Other needed equipment such as an x-ray detector for the electron microscope, HeNe lasers, a thermal calorimeter, and laboratory computers will also strengthen instruction and research to prepare our chemistry, geography, geology, physics, and environmental students for science careers.

Science Entrepreneurship Training Center
Department of Physical and Earth Sciences

Science entrepreneurship is the process of moving research from the laboratory into the marketplace by creating something that has economic value to others. The promotion of science entrepreneurship in northeastern Alabama will help to transform the local economy to a 21st century information-based, creation-intensification market. Our vision is that everyone deserves a pathway to prosperity and that society as a whole improves with a firm foundation in understanding science and technology. The Science Entrepreneurship Training Center will allow us to accomplish this. This training center will support faculty to teach science entrepreneurship to future scientists and engineers, as well as those in management and other disciplines.

Global Initiative
English Language Institute

Jacksonville State University has begun to expand its reach beyond regional, state, and national boundaries. Going global brings new opportunities and successes in the key areas of teaching, service, and research, while providing a new stream of students whose life experiences bring diversity to the university community. The College of Arts and Sciences is at the heart of this effort, with the development of the English Language Institute, creation of joint programs with international partner universities, recruitment of international faculty, expansion of foreign language study, development of study abroad initiatives for its students, and plans for Global Gamecock Scholarships that will not only bring more outstanding international students to study at JSU, but will also help fund international travel for native students. Your gift to the CAS Global Initiative will enable this hoped-for expansion to become a reality. A world of opportunity awaits your support as JSU expands its boundaries.

Expanding the Honors Program

A new and expanded Honors Program at Jacksonville State University is drawing top high school seniors to JSU. The Honors Program provides academically gifted students with an enriched educational experience in a diverse range of courses, fostering critical thinking, effective communication, scholarship, leadership, and service. Over one hundred JSU students are currently enrolled in Honors courses. Through the Honors Program, students fulfill their potential in their chosen fields while preparing to meet the challenges and responsibilities of becoming citizens with global perspectives.

In 2009, the program awarded JSU's first eight Honors Elite Scholarships, to be followed in each of the next three years with an additional eight scholars. By 2012, at least thirty-two students with Honors Elite Scholarships, plus many more outstanding JSU students, will study together in challenging and innovative Honors classes, engage in rewarding service to the community, and have opportunities for educational travel experiences.

Your gift to the Honors Program contributes directly to JSU's fundamental goal of educational excellence, making JSU more competitive in attracting and retaining top students. Providing international travel scholarships, supporting Honors seminars and special events, funding undergraduate research grants for Honors students, and enabling needed renovations of the Honors Program building are just a few of the ways your gift to the Honors Program can enhance the intellectual life of the university.

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