We strongly encourage students to apply six to nine months prior to the expected date of enrollment.

Students must submit an official high school transcript showing course work through the junior year at the time of application and submit a final high school transcript after graduation showing graduation date and diploma type. JSU requires students to complete high school with an acceptable diploma type. Successful completion of the GED is acceptable in lieu of high school graduation.

Admissions Requirements Effective Fall 2010

  • Unconditional Admission *
    ACT 20 and above (Composite)
    SAT 950 and above (Combined Critical Reading and Math)

  • Conditional Admission *
    ACT 17 - 19 (Composite)
    SAT 830 - 940 (Combined Critical Reading and Math)

Students not meeting the above requirements should consult information on ExSEL (summer developmental studies program). To read more about this program, view the Undergraduate Catalogue.

* Students who have not attended secondary school in eight or more years or are 25 years of age are exempt from this test score requirement.

For detailed information on Freshman Admissions, please consult the Undergraduate Catalogue.

View our Admissions Policies.