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Costs & Aid

Financial Aid and Scholarships

There are many different assistance opportunities for students seeking financial aid: Federal and State Grants, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal PLUS Loans and the Federal Workstudy Program. Your first step is to have your application for admission submitted to JSU. Next, you will want to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Once we receive your results and you have provided all necessary information, we will prepare a financial aid package designed specifically to meet your needs and eligibility. For more information, please visit Student Financial Services.


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Need to know when payments are due? View the Payment Guidelines

Undergraduate Tuition for Traditional Hours:

Fall 2016

In-State Traditional Hours$300.00
Out-Of-State Traditional Hours$600.00

Spring 2017

In-State Traditional Hours$309.00
Out-Of-State Traditional Hours$618.00

Graduate/Doctoral Tuition for Traditional Hours:

Fall 2016

In-State Traditional Hours$371.00
Out-Of-State Traditional Hours$742.00
Doctorate Fee$250.00

Spring 2017

In-State Traditional Hours$382.00
Out-Of-State Traditional Hours$764.00
Doctorate Fee$250.00

Tuition for Online:

Fall 2016

Undergraduate Online$362.00
Graduate Online $461.00
Doctorate Fee(per student/per semester)$250.00

Spring 2017

Undergraduate Online$350.00
Graduate Online $382.00
Doctorate Fee(per student/per semester)$250.00

Please note: Additional test-proctoring fees may be incurred by some instructors.

Tuition for Dual Enrollment Courses:

Fall 2016

In-State Undergraduate$150.00
Out-Of-State Undergraduate$300.00

Spring 2017

In-State Undergraduate$154.50
Out-Of-State Undergraduate$309.00


Late Registration

Registration Fee (after the last official day to register) $200.00
Registration Fee (on or after first official day of class through the last official day to register) $100.00

Application for Degree

Reprint of Diploma $25.00
Application for Degree Undergraduate/Graduate (per application) $20.00


Application for Admission Graduate (non-refundable) $35.00
Application for Admission International (non-refundable) $35.00
Application for Admission Undergraduate (non-refundable) $35.00
Athletics Fee (effective Spring 2017) $50.00
Audit Fee (per hour) $25.00
C-Base Makeup Test $50.00
General University Fee (per semester, Fall and Spring) $150.00
General University Fee (effective Spring 2017) $200.00
Housing Application Fee (non-refundable) $150.00
ID Card Issuance Fee $10.00
ID Reprint Issuance Fee $25.00
Mail-At-Home Option (per semester) $10.00
Orientation Fee $80.00
Orientation Fee (per Guest) $20.00
Returned Check Maximum Allowed By Law
Student Activity Fee (effective Spring 2017) $25.00
Technology Fee (effective Spring 2017) $100.00
Transcript (each) $5.00
Vehicle Registration $25.00

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