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Faculty Portfolio Guidelines

Each faculty member eligible to be considered for promotion and/or tenure shall prepare a portfolio for review by his/her department head, dean, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President. All information for the portfolio (Tabs I-V) must be presented in a single approved binder (available, along with tab dividers, in the Office of Provost/VPAA) and must be word-processed in the format noted below. Required Summary Cover Form and Attachments A-F can be downloaded in Word or PDF .

While the portfolio is limited to the approved binder, additional supporting evidence for accomplishments noted in the portfolio should be more extensive. This additional support should be placed on file in a designated location in the faculty member's college and will be available for review by peers, department heads, deans, and/or the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

TAB I Insert Attachments A-F behind Tab I in the approved binder.
TAB II Insert current CV behind Tab II in the approved binder.
TAB III Insert Teaching Evaluations/Teaching Accomplishments behind Tab III in the approved binder.
TAB IV Insert and label by category (e.g., "Promotion," "Tenure," or "Collegiality") letters of support behind Tab IV in the approved binder.

For tenure, only tenured faculty in the candidate's department or college may review the file and submit letters to the department head. For promotion, only faculty in the candidate's department or college with rank equal to or higher than that being sought may review the file and submit letters to the department head. To verify collegiality, letters may be included from professional peers and colleagues external to the University as well as within the University community.

TAB V Letters from college promotion and tenure committees, where applicable, should be included, as should letters from the department head and dean.


  1. Supporting evidence may include the following:
    • Copies of presentations cited above
    • Copies of publications cited above
    • Copies of grants, contracts (funded, not funded)
    • Evidence of service to the profession, University, community
    • Evidence of teaching accomplishments, including syllabi, course notebooks, exams
    • Other relevant evidence
  2. Additional documentation will remain in the College's evidence room until such time as the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs have approved the candidate's promotion and/or tenure application or until such time that all appeals have been exhausted.

Once the final process is complete and any appeals resolved, the portfolios will be returned to the Dean's office for distribution. Documents in Tab I and Tab V will be retained in the faculty member's file in the Provost/VPAA office.

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